Abacus is probably the first of calculating devices. Encyclopędia Britannica traces the word abacus to the Phoenician abak (sand). American Heritage Dictionary points to the Greek word abax, which might have originated from Hebrew avak (dust). There is little doubt that Ancients used a flat surface with sand strewn evenly over it as a disposable tool for writing and counting. It's said that the great Archimedes was slain by a Roman soldier while concentrating on figures drawn in sand.

  • Abacus is an ancient Chinese tool
  • Abacus is still widely used in place of the calculator in China.
  • In each rod of the abacus , there are four beads below the beam and one bead above the beam.
  • Each bead below the rod has the value one(1) and each bead above the rod has the value five(5).

  • By using the abacus(or the manual calculator) as a tool, the brain power is harnessed.
  • Also there is overall brain development focusing on the right brain.

  • The Human brain has two halves: the right and the left.
  • The left-brain is linear and logical. The right brain is intuitive.
  • When confronted with problems, the left-brain being logival, reasons out how intense will be the problem and allowing that to prevail on the mind, will make a person give up his goal.
  • The way the right brain interacts the goal is different. It is not logical but creative and thinks about new methods to reach the goal.
  • The right brain is able to "Visualise" the final scene of goal achievement and will not rest till newer methods of reaching the goal are found.

Today, we live in an era of computers. However, it is for this reason that the abacus education becomes more necessary. The abacus education meets the needs of today's professional society. In this professional society, a life ignorant of recording and calculating does not exist.

By using the abacus method regularly, the four basic operations (+, -, x, /) can easily be done with the mind. With constant practice of the abacus, especially that of also mental arithemtic, the interaction between the left and the right parts of the brain in an instant, cause stimulation that greatly benefits the brain.

In China and Japan, senior high level students who have reached the highest level in Zhusuan also did the best in overall scors in other courses.

The best learning time for your child is between 4-12 years.

The finding from experiments is, teh systematical training of upper brain are also able to change the operation of the lower brain, inclusive of health, achievements in sport, energy and spiritual, motive and stamina.

The famous boxer Mohamed Ali, is a good example. He kept repeating same action to induce the sub-consciousness function of his lower brain in order to make him succedd in hitting his competitors during the tournanment. Today, amny of the countries apply these repeating exercises in the brain for best result. While training the children with the abacus, the brain is given repetitive exercise to trigger development.

According to analysis, the development and growth of the brain will begin from 4 to 6 years at a high speed, the progression will then slow down after 12 years when growth reaches 75%.

In order to give equal reign to teh overall intelligence of the cerebrum, both the right and left brain must be trained at the same time at the right age. The creativity function from the right brain needs to be boosted by the information stored in the left brain, in order for the child to become an excellent scientist, engineer, designer or business person. Famous achievers such as Einstein, Picasso and Shakespeare have actively used the right brain.

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