Enhance the self-reliance and self-confidence of children to face any competition in the future.

A brighter tomorrow for the children in India to raise up to international levels in all fields.

Total Brain Development, which is the focus of this programme, is related to intelligence and directly controls functions of the brain like memory, retention & recalling abilities, listening skills and understanding. So this programme directly affects and improves these skills to an amazing level. This programme is for all children irrespective of their academic performance. Every child who takes this programme will definitely show a tremendous improvement in all spheres and in all subjects as well.

Through this programme, IPA, is making a humble endeavour to enhance the skills of the children that have aleady been given to them by god. However, these skills must be enhanced before a child is 14 years of age or else the opprtunity to tap our greatest resource , our brain power, is lost forever.

So, it is also our earnest effort to create this awraeness, and spread it, so that every child may benefit from this programme.

Your Child's Gateway to a
and Bright Future !!!


Ideal Play Abacus India Pvt. Ltd.